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Spiritual channelling medium clairvoyant

What is Channelling



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What is Channelling

Channelling is a process whereby an individual (the 'medium') claims to have invoked a spirit entity, which speaks through the medium. Instead of contacting departed loved-ones, the entities contacted are usually guides, masters, aliens, or angels . The information may not have a great impact, but the source seems to hold more weight or, at least, provide a different perspective.

Many mediums channel the same entity or entities repeatedly. These entities being channelled often discuss a particular spiritual subject imparting their knowledge and wisdom.

Channelling is a skill that can be developed by anyone with the desire and determination to reach upwards and grow spiritually. It does not take years of special training but does require the ability to make one's mind calm and free of thoughts and the ability to trust and surrender.

In the ancient days the Oracles at Delphi, priestesses and priests of the temples, psychics, seers, witch doctors and shamans were the channellers of energies from archetypes to nature spirits to their own spirit guides.

All civilisations and cultures had one form or another of mystics or trance channellers, who provided services with their abilities to tap into different dimensions and bring through the knowledge, which the masses were untrained to do themselves. And the shamans and priests have kept this art form alive until this day when it can now be utilized by almost anyone, whenever they desire. Ancient Egypt is often thought of as the beginning of trance Channelling as a mode of communication with the spirits of the dead.

In many cultures mediums were highly regarded, treated with great respect, and given honours. Christianity is based on the teachings of a man who claimed both to be God and a medium to channel God. For example, we find in the New Testament, scenes as Jesus raising Jarius' daughter (Mark 5:39-40) or Lazarus (John 11:39-44), or summoning up of the spirits of Moses and Elijah at the Transfiguration (Luke 9:28-36) - or, for that matter, God raising Jesus himself on the third day (Matt 28:9, Luke 24:13-16, John 20:11-18).

Jesus seems to have charged his followers as well with the power to channel spirits: "For it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak," he tells the apostles at one point. "For it is not ye that speak, but the spirit of your Father that speaketh in you." (Matt 10:20) Saul channels the dead Jesus on the road to Damascus, and is struck blind; when he regains his vision he converts to Christianity and becomes its most powerful prophet, Paul.

John of Patmos describes his vision in the Book of Revelation specifically as channelled: "I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet, saying..." (Rev 1:10)

Channelling is for those people who wish to enrich and develop the wisdom of their higher selves. It is not an easy method of solving all of your daily and emotional problems overnight.

Miracles do happen, but a guide will 'guide' you in finding your own solutions through helping you to see the variety of options you have in your decision-making processes.

Channelling is not to be confused with the intention to contact the dead or to seek their assistance and guidance. Those who have passed on are in the astral plane, and generally have the same fears, opinions and characteristics of souls in body here on Earth. They often lack the higher and broader perspective that a high-level guide will have.

The aim of Channelling is to attract a high-level teacher guide that has as his/her highest purpose, your spiritual growth and well being.

Perhaps the most famous channelling event is the popular 'A Course in Miracles'. It was channelled through a Columbia University psychologist, Dr. Helen Schuchman, (1909-1981), over an 8 year period. She was an Atheist, and in no way regarded herself as a believer. However, she took great care in recording accurately the words that she received.



There are many different mediums operating today. Some channel from lower worlds and some channel from higher worlds.

Mediums are primarily those who through certain techniques enter into a trance-like state and then invoke the presence of souls. Medium ship or Channelling is quickly taking root more in the western than in the eastern; though it has been silently practiced in the Orient too for hundreds of years. There is a subtle barrier between the physical and the spirit. A medium is one who penetrates the very fine veil separating the two and manages to make a connection with those on the 'far' side.
A medium is often also referred to as a 'sensitive,' and is one who generally aspires to bring information and advice to those still living on the earth plane as a means to solve problems or answer their questions, and at times, also to bring in teachings of exalted beings to those who wish to hear them. Like a 'psychic,' the medium is naturally sensitive to energies, many of which may go unheeded by the majority, but unlike with an ordinary psychic, a desire to transcend the mundane spurs the medium, who through much learning and meditation begins to identify emanations coming from discarnate dimensions.

Mediums are looked upon as unique beings, often attributed with special spiritual development and as individuals who receive favours from God. However, this could not be more further from the truth. Ability to enter into a trance and be possessed by another soul is hardly the yardstick for spiritual depth. While many phenomena have definitely taken place - even under stringent scientific observation - these are only reflective of certain powers acquired. And power, is not necessarily an indicator of anything that is saintly. The techniques, moreover, can be fairly easily learned and developed upon. The neo-west is clustered with a plethora of people from age 15 to 75 who are fast becoming self-anointed psychic mediums. Yet how few are aware of the dangers too that can be involved in 'medium ship.'

Genuine spiritualism as an intense, invigorating science lets us know that there is life beyond this gross world and that our loved ones do continue to live on, though their physical body has been shed. But modern practices - what we term 'advancements in the present era' - have distorted the meaning of the real search for knowledge of the spirit world. Deluded by their own imaginations many so called mediums (with a few exceptions) having a little intellectual understanding become victims of their own subconscious, or worse still, become possessed by disembodied tramp souls seeking a human vehicle (often called walk-ins).

Mediums sit in sťances to answer questions born of imploring and needy minds. A psychic medium might claim to be able to talk with your grandma or maybe even your eternal beloved whose life was snatched away under mysterious circumstances. Questions that have left you flummoxed find the pearl of their answers in the sea of the 'omniscient' medium. "Where is the key to the locker?" "Will I manage to win the beauty pageant?" "Should I marry this guy I'm seeing?" "Is Grandpa doing well in heaven?" Frequently the invoked soul partly takes over the consciousness of the medium and even the answers to your questions pour forth in the invited soul's earthly voice!!!

While medium ship is a definite fact, we must realize through our own divine wisdom that the answers to certain questions are beyond the purview and scope of the invoked souls and hence, also of the psychic mediums. This is particularly true of subjective queries such as "Would I be happy if the two of us got married?" Mediums need to educate members in a sťance that a soul in the astral world retains almost the same level of understanding and wisdom as it had when it exited the last earthly incarnation. Entry into the so-called lower heaven does not suffuse the soul with newfound wisdom and glory that can be channelled easily to counsel the not-more-not-less fortunate. The bugle call of death does not convert one into an angel!!! This is were we have to be careful in finding a medium that truly channels from higher spheres.


Mediums are different from clairvoyants. While the medium invokes the presence of a spirit soul through various techniques, the clairvoyant is primarily able to intuitively perceive your subtle states and thereby also see your aura (the reflection of colour emanating from your subtle astral body of light). This becomes feasible because the clairvoyant is able to attune the power of the life force in his sight to certain finer rates of vibration than those that are normally perceived by the physical eyes. Again, simply being able to perceive colours is not indicative of spiritual depth.

It takes an understanding of many sciences to become a good holistic healer. Similarly, acquisition of a power (everything is ultimately a gift from God) and the silent nurturing of wisdom from the depths within can be very different issues. Clairvoyance is not detrimental to spiritual progress; in the clairvoyant state one's consciousness is reversed from the plane of matter to the plane of Spirit. Clairvoyance is a consequence of a highly developed intuitive faculty.


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