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Unique Gifts for all occasionsRelaxation

Five Tips for finding a unique gift
Stuck for an gift idea? Want to find that perfect gift
that will bring a smile to their faces when they open it
-- and for years to come?

Anniversary Gifts
Something to share

Christmas Gifts
Something to connect

Valentines Gifts
Something for love

Mother's Day Gifts
Something to give back

Wedding Gifts
Something to live happily ever after

Gifts from the Gods CD
Something unique and uplifting for all occasions

Baby Shower Gifts
Something for life

Tell us about a really unique gift someone gave to you or a really unique gift you gave someone else!Native Australian Lemon Myrtle, Inc

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Searching for unique gifts to give to friends and family can be a fun adventure. What makes a gift unique? This question can have a variety of answers depending on individual opinions. It is generally the conscious effort to combine the theme/event to the gift which shows that thought and care was taken in getting it right.

There are many items to consider when looking for unique gifts. Perhaps you want to give practical presents you know the recipient will need. If you are choosing to give decorative gifts, you may want to find out whether to purchase something to compliment the decor they already have or inspire something new.
You can definitely find unique gifts that are mass produced. However, unique usually refers to something not commonly seen or thought of. Creative gifts can also be something custom-made specifically for the recipient of the gift.
Custom gift makers do not always have physical stores, you can often find them at local arts and craft markets or some might have a website.

You may also find a larger variety of standard gifts in internet supply catalogues. You could then make up your own unique gift basket.


Five Tips for finding a unique gift

Stuck for an gift idea? Want to find that perfect gift that will bring a smile to their faces when they open it -- and for years to come?

Follow five tips and your gift is guaranteed to be a winner!

  • Think ahead.
    Give yourself time to plan what you are going to buy and then to locate and buy it. Don't wait for the last minute. In fact, why not make a New Year's resolution to put gift-buying reminders on your calendar every January?
    Give yourself plenty of time and your gift buying will be much more enjoyable -- and less stressful!

  • Get 'em what they really, really want.
    The secret to a great gift is getting the recipients exactly what they want -- but would never buy for themselves.
    That definitely doesn't mean that a gift must be outrageously expensive.
    The best way to find out what people want but would never buy for themselves is -- not surprisingly -- to ask. You might consider asking your gift recipients to give you a list of ten gifts they'd like -- that way the gift can still be a surprise.
    Or, pay attention when you're with them. Watch them go through a catalog or window-shopping.
    You can get a lot of great ideas just by watching and listening!

  • Coordinate your efforts.
    Usually there are going to be several people buying gifts for the occasion.
    Appoint someone as a 'gift coordinator' and pool your resources. A perfect present won't be perfect if they get three of them!
    If you work together, you can pool your money and get something really spectacular you couldn't have afforded individually.

  • Get personal.
    Have you ever received a gift that spoke to a special interest or desire of yours that you thought no one knew (or cared) about? Didn't it feel great?
    This is what your goal is for the perfect gift.

  • Be respectful.
    Often people ask that they not receive gifts.
    Respect this wish if it is expressed. Remember it is their celebration. It's not a contest to see who can get the best gift.
    If you feel that you must buy something, consider making a donation in their name to a charity that is important to them. They'll almost certainly truly appreciate the thought.

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