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Meditation History

The age old technique of quietening the mind and connecting with God.

Meditation techniques

You may have never tried meditating. It sounds so easy, just sit down and clear your mind for twenty minutes. But when you try it for the first time, you'll probably find that 2 minutes feels like two hours. Or your mind goes off on a tangent of its own and you will find that twenty minutes later you've planned the dinner menu, rehearsed the conversation with the bank manager and remembered that day years ago when you were in LA on holidays.
Given that your mind is probably only quiet when you are asleep, these problems are the normal experience for those trying to learn to meditate. There are many method's of meditating. If silent meditation is not for you, try another one until you find one that works for you

Meditation benefits

To quieten the mind has many benefits in today's hectic lifestyle. If you have determination and willpower you will stick at it and  you will reap the benefits.

Meditation chants

Chanting is a popular type of mediation. Here are some chants for you to try.

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