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Spiritual Art, Music and Dance play an important role in all traditions and cultures. The expressions are different but the goal is usually to stimulate the connectedness, communion and spiritual experience of a group or an individual. Spiritual Music and Dance communicates directly to the Soul and affect us on a subtle and often unconscious level. There is a saying that "one image is more than thousand words” and that is also the case for music and dance.

The mind and body are connected. The human mind is not housed in the brain as per the conventional thought but rather; the mind is present everywhere and therefore pervades every cell of the body. What is the human mind? Mind is an aggregate of all life experiences be it pain, pleasure, hurt, anger, joy or anxiety; it could be anything.

Any positive emotion causes a cell to vibrate at a higher frequency and negative vibrations cause the cells to vibrate at lower frequency. The negative emotion is nothing but an incompletely experienced emotion. These emotions when stored in the cells of the body are the diseases. We have read the experiences of saints and sages where they recount how every cell of their bodies are filled with the emotions of love and gratitude whenever they had praised the Supreme Light. And these emotions which ultimately are nothing but the energies at different levels of vibrations would vibrate in much higher frequency, allowing them to enter into a profound state of bliss and oneness with the Supreme Consciousness.

From the ancient times, music is something that has put people, in touch with their inner most feelings. Different kind of music works upon different emotions of an individual, and releases the various incomplete emotions leading towards a total healing of body and mind. Like with the Gift from the Gods CD you can be transported into different worlds every time you listen to it, like a movie that will play in front of your eyes letting you re-experiencing different emotions and bringing you in touch with the source.

Participants experience various states of repentance, prayer, silence, love, compassion, brotherhood and oneness during the course of listening to spiritual music.  The divine communion can liberate us from all our suffering and transport us into heights of rapture. Even the greatest of teachings make their way into the hearts of the devotees when taught through the medium of spiritual music. Forgiveness and love are natural happenings while listening to spiritual music. Depending on the type of music people dance and sing in joyful abandon, and pain becomes a thing of the past as they are filled with divine love.

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