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Astrology and horoscopes



Other readings and psychic stuff


Astrology and Horoscopes

123 Astrology
  offers birth (natal) astrology/horoscope charts and Astrology For Lovers compatibility/relationship reports.

Astrology Source
  Astrology, Psychic & Numerology reports!  Yahoo Award Winning Astrologer

A Sign Of The Times Astrology
  Astrological Horoscopes and birth charts. FREE Astrological Chartwheel for every visitor.

 Kozmik Horoscopes. Unique 25-Page Report
  the most advanced readings on the planet.

  Vedic Prediction
  astrological predictions , vedic horoscope , vedic remedies , matchmaking.

 Sky View Zone Astrology
  Great customer buying incentives. Astrology reports and beautiful chart wheels! .

Astro Abby's Chart Shop
  Bridgett Walther , Astrolger of Elle Magazine offers professional astrology readings and more.

  Moon Cats Astrology &Tarot
  Astrology, Tarot & Psychic Readings, Forecast, News, Positive Info.

Predictive Sciences [earn 20%]
  Astrology & Numerology Site.

  Astrology Chart Zone
  New site offering over 25 unique astrology reports and chart wheels.

 Forecast 2004 By J. Robert Prete
  An Astrological Forecast for 2004.

  Astrology For Gay Relationships
  detailed individual astrology reports putting you in control of your gay relationships.
  We predict events in your life with natal and horary astrology.

Julian Lee
  Locational Astrology, Meditation, Mysticism.

Astro-Kundali : Vedic & Kp Astrology
  Astro-Kundali Astrology Software, Services : Combined Hindu Vedic and Krishnamurti Paddhati Win95/98/2000/NT Program.

Astrocall Charts
  Astrology - Your potential according to the stars.

Astrology Online
  Ask any question and get an answer, year ahead analysis, predictive astrology.



  Numerology readings by the renowned Jill Saint James.

Numerology And Psychic
  Information on Numerology, with offer of Free sample software, sale of software, and also sale of comprehensive readings.

123 Numerology
  Offers professional numerology readings by one of the world's greatest numerologists. 100% money-back guaranteed.

  Numerology readings by the renowned Jill Saint James.

 Numerological Personal Book
  Produce a personal book.

Astrology - Numerology .com
  Astrology and Numerology information and readings.

Numerological Personal Book
  Produce a personal book.


RayFan Readings Tarot And Astrology
  Tarot and Astrology Readings.

How To Read Tarot, Help Info
  Learn to Read Taro

Tarot Janey Todd
  Tarot Readings by Email.

Tarot Eva
  Free and Paid readings, free art, free new age downloads, free tarot software, and much more!

RayFan Readings Tarot And Astrology
  Tarot and Astrology Readings.

Healing From Within
  Online Spiritual Consultations, Reiki Classes, Tarot Readings, Tarot Class, E-Books for Personal Growth.

Troi's Tarot Pages
  In depth, no-nonsense, professional tarot readings.

 My World Of Tarot
  Accurate and thorough tarot readings via e-mail. Tarot cards used as a mirror of your soul.

 Fate By Destiny
  Accurate sensitive psychic & tarot readings 15 years experience. You've tried the rest now try the best!

Tarot Readings And Interpretations
  Esoteric-Cabinet is advising people in their individual situations by laying out and interpreting tarot cards.

Other Readings & psychic stuff

Psychic Marie!
  Very accurate psychic, psychic readings, especially on love, jobs and career.

Lucky Days
  Successfully tested on BBC TV. Free evaluation.

  Forecasting of life's turning points.

 Amazing Dream Interpretation Guide Book
  Amazing Dream Interpretation Guide Book reveals Dream Symbols, Astral Travel, Nightmares, Freud, Christian dream Interpretation.
 Gypsy - Advice For Life!
  Ask Allie for psychic advice through tarot, rune, numerology, spells and sachets. Advice column, newsletter, email.

 Search Psychic Services
  Tarot Readings, Spells, Dreams, Past Lives, Spirit Contact, Tea Leaves, Karma . Experienced spirit medium/psychic/channeler.

Temple Of Wisdom
  Chat Readings, Free Psychic Advice, Lovers Astrology, Spirit Guides, Soul Mates, Past Lives, Spells, Tarot, Hauntings.

  Santera, Los Caracoles De Emiokan
  santeria religion and online predictions with the caracoles (snails) ancestral adivination system.
  Goddessy: Belief Is Only The Beginning
  Psychic Online Readings By Sorceress At GODDESSY: .

  Astral Ware - Past Life Software
  Past Life Regression Software.

 The FoothillsPsychic
  The FoothillsPsychic your doorway to the psychic world!

  Relationship Healing.

 Natural Born Psychic & Spiritual Reader
  Personal Readings thru Email.

 Sadhanusari, The Psychic
  Spiritual Guidance, Prediction, Realistic Readings.

  Intuitive Counselling Intuitive Answers
  Professional and Intuitive Counseling. Answers to your deepest questions, Solutions to life's problems.

  Psychic Triad
  Professional psychic readings in our chat room and email. Psychics online and available for a private consultation.

 Divine Love
  Professional psychic readings & spell-casting services for love, money & more. Whatever your situation, we are here to help you.

 Love Spells 4 You
  Powerful love spells from a witch with 25 years experience!

Shiprock Institute, Inc.
  Full metaphysical service and alternative wellness site, yogic metaphysical online school.

Angels among us with Doreen Virtue How would you like to manifest what you want and receive grounded advise in every aspect of your life by consciously communicating with angels? Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. reveals how clarity and healing can take place in many forms with "angel therapy." She is a fourth-generation metaphysician who blends metaphysical, psychological, and spiritual principles into her counseling practice and writing.

Healing with Spirit with Caroline Myss a pioneer in the field of energetic medicine who is able to diagnose illness by intuitive means. She explains how past traumas, grudges and illusions literally steal vital energy from our body tissues: "We are actively participating in the health of every single one of our cell tissues by the thought-forms that we hold in our head." Myss presents bold insights about why we are afraid of becoming healthy, and how we can overcome these fears and enter a new planetary era of maturity and empowerment.

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