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Relaxation is the absence of stress or tension in the body, mind and spirit. Information on how to stay stress free, peaceful and calm with relaxation exercises, relaxation music and gifts for relaxation

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Different people react differently to stress

Different people are stressed by different situations, depending on their attitude to it.

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"Can't take it anymore. Feel that you have had enough. Need to get out?".
Today's modern, competitive and fast paced life styles have created a lot of disturbance and havoc in our lives, mainly because of the stress they generate. Although stress affects everybody differently, getting it under control requires certain common steps.

The first and perhaps the most crucial step for effective stress management is to identify the cause of your stress. The key factors for stress may be your work pattern, family relationships, the circumstances that you are in and those that you faced in the past. Always keep in mind that you are responsible for the stress you have in your life. Somehow, maybe even subconsciously you have created this situation. If you take full responsibility for it, it empowers you to be able to change the situation rather than living in victim consciousness.

Handling a new assignment? Giving a presentation? Nervous? Or it could be a tight deadline or even a difference of opinion? Do these make you edgy, give you goose bumps, make you question your faith in yourself and often wish this wasn't happening? Then you are under stress.

Stress is defined as any interference that disturbs a personís health, mental and physical well-being, stress (from Latin "stringere" which means hardship) occurs when the body is required to perform beyond it's normal range of capabilities. It is also known as the non-specific responses of the body to any demand. The term stress is often used to denote tension or anxiety, also an extra load of some sort. If managed well, stress can work in a positive way. But if managed badly, it can also be a killer! The best way is to avoid stress as much as possible. Change your life if you have to. In the long run you are much better off!

Different people react differently to stress

Stress can be best understood on a subjective level as any change that makes a person feel uncomfortable -- physically , emotionally or spiritually. Different people are stressed by different situations, depending on their attitude to it.

Certain type of personalities are more prone to producing extreme reactions to stress.
Your personality type will determine how stress prone you are. Everybody responds differently to a potentially stressful situation. Some are able to deal with it and take things in their stride, while there are others who canít handle it and breakdown. Your reaction to stress will depend on your background, upbringing and circumstances. The way you react to a situation is based on your personal disposition. Still know that through a change of mind you can always change your attitude to a situation and handle it differently if you want.

Are you a Type A personality?
Type A is also known as the Hardy personality or the stress-prone personality. If you are Type A, then you have a strong need for achievement, which makes you highly competitive. You are always in hurry and have a number of deadlines to meet. Type A people are often overloaded with work, unhappy with their colleagues and friends and work best in demanding situations. Because you are prone to angry outbursts, you are more likely to have heart-related problems.

Are you a Type B personality?
If you are a type B, then you are just the opposite of type A personalities. You have a laid-back attitude, are easygoing, noncompetitive and placid and can weather stress easily. You will have more rewarding and fulfilling interpersonal relationships.

Are you a Suspicious personality?
Do you have a colleague in your office who always tends to mistrust people? He doesnít believe you, always wants to cross check with people, often disrupts your conversations and asks if you were just talking about him. Well, you are dealing with a suspicious personality.
These people generally show traits of mistrust and have difficulty in believing people. They are cold and unemotional by nature and may even have some streaks of paranoia in them. Such people cause great stress, as they are unable to trust others.

Are you a Volcanic personality?
Volcanic personalities are highly emotional and get easily excited. They are introverts with highly dramatic and flamboyant mannerisms and can maintain long lasting relationships. But on the other hand, these people are highly dependent, constantly seeking assurance and demanding in nature. They crave for attention and can resort to manipulation to get it. If they feel they are being neglected, they have a tendency to become angry and aggressive, giving way to outbursts when under stress. They have a high need for dependence and cling to people, causing stress to themselves and those around them.

Are you an Asocial personality?
 These people donít mix easily, are generally introverted and withdrawn. That is why they lack close interpersonal relationships. Such people have little need for emotional bonding, thus causing stress and strain in their lives as well as that of others too. They may even have trouble keeping up a job, which involves interaction with other people.

Are you Antisocial?
Gang leaders or rebels without a cause have antisocial personalities. They are in constant conflict with societal rules and norms and go against anything they donít like. These people have problems in marital relationships, occupations and are unable to maintain any long lasting relationships. They are manipulative, aggressive, unconcerned about others and totally aloof.

Are you Hypersensitive?
If you are hypersensitive, you are extremely emotional and take everything to heart. Though hypersensitive people have a great need for companionship, they need acceptance and canít take even a little criticism from anybody. They sulk and withdraw when criticized, have a low self-esteem and are highly bothered about their personal shortcomings.

Are you an Inadequate personality?
These kind of people lack self-confidence and are unassertive. They are unable to express their needs and wishes and always need others to take on their responsibilities. They are highly dependent and when faced with a problem, they become indecisive and helpless, looking for someone else who can shoulder their responsibilities.

Are you an Obsessive personality?
You are a perfectionist, stubborn and pay too much attention to every little detail. You also tend to be rigid and inflexible, have strong likes and are not open to reason. Obsessive personalities can become too moralistic and judgmental, tending to evaluate people, keeping themselves as the standard.

Are you too Passive?
People who fall under this category are unassertive, dependent on others and always needing their approval. They are indecisive, prone to procrastination and caught between conflicting demands of passivity versus aggression. They need others to take decisions for them and to justify their unreasonable behavior. Passive types are normally submissive, unhappy, anxious and unable to say no, if someone makes unreasonable demands on them.

Whatever personality you are, once you realise your shortcomings you can work on changing them. You can actively work on creating a world around you that suits your needs and the needs of your loved ones without creating stress. If your loved ones cause you stress, maybe they are not your loved ones. Look at every situation individually. Remember, stress can be a killer, if you are dead you are no good to anybody. Heal (and help) yourself first, than attend to others, because when you are strong you achieve much more.

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