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Earth Cinema Circle

Gifts From The Gods  by Ela

A Cappella style Spirit Songs to uplift Soul

What others say about the album

Listening Samples

This CD will take you on a inner journey of self-discovery and healing. The relaxing sounds of nature together with the a cappella style spirit songs provide a space of stillness to nurture body and soul. The depth and clarity of 'the Voice' will take you on an inner journey to sacred places and secret worlds right into the heart of the Far Countries. It will quench your thirst for peace leaving an aura of mysticism in the air.

unique relaxation music CD

"Out of nothingness,
beauty can emerge.
Out of happiness,
silence can grow.
Out of stillness,
sound can be shared.
Uplifting us to the heavenly worlds."


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Gifts from the Gods; A Journey guided by the longing:

The way is long, the longing is deep, and there hidden, lies a place in eternity.
There already, but can't know or see; what is the easiest to be.
So we travel from place to place; instead to stay and stop the chase.
Where love and happiness stay with us; we stand strong, no wind can waver us.
Open in every direction; we feel the power of satisfaction.
Endless love is coming a field; and the longing is healed.


What others say about the album

Here are some comments people have shared about this incredible CD

Your CD continues to give me joy.  I love it as is. Although the nature sounds connect one to life here on earth, the sounds take me elsewhere. It is like, every piece is introduced with its special nature sound, like children laughing, a market place, but there is a mystery, and listening to your voice is like zooming into that space, which is not definable. Or it starts with the roar of lions, but then I am taken into the essence of the roar. Or fire cracking, but I am riding with the fire spirits in the dark. And so on, and on. It’s like the nature sounds establish the boundary conditions, the framework within which my experience will take place, but the experience is something entirely different, not connected to the elements that introduced it. Nevertheless, the elements are the take-off platform
Clara Szalai, Israel

 “Very interesting to say the least. The use of different effects with nature back grounds and the clarity of the voice is spectacular. What makes it really different is that the voice is singing in various keys. It is a real treat for the ears.”
Gerd H., Germany

 “Listening to this CD left my mind still and my soul journeying to far different places.”
Suzie S., Adelaid

  “Playing this CD during sessions gives my clients the best results as they totally relax and are able to let go of heaps of stuff"
Christine A., Mt.Tamborine

 “Weird and Wonderful, just what this world needs at this point in time. I’m looking forward to hearing more of your voice”
Vera W., Byron Bay

 “Just Divine, your music takes me on a different journey every time. I love the Lions the best.”
Jolanta A., Murwillumbah


Sample Tracks and Descriptions

We have included some samples of selected tracks for you to listen to. These include about the first minute of the tracks. They have been converted to Windows Media Streaming Audio format for playback over the internet.
As a result you'll appreciate the sound quality is by far not as good as the actual CD itself. This is by design so as to speed up playback over slow connections. However  you will be able to get a good feel of this remarkable album.
To hear the sample tracks click on the links below. This will open a new window. If you are on a dial-up connection then we recommend you wait a  minute or two for the pages to fully load before playing the selections. Otherwise you may experience breaks in the playback.


Song Title Time

1) The Cave

Before we start our journey from the cave we ask the Creator to give us understanding and compassion for all beings we encounter on our journey.


2) Calling

From the top of the mountain we are calling for signs to show us the direction.


3) Forest Prayer

In the cool of the forest we find shelter and thank the creator with a special prayer for this beautiful place.


4) Galactic Voice

The Galactic Voice is warning us to stay strong and not waver from our path.


5) Beings

5. We are passing the first beings on this plane and experiencing different energies for the first time. They are friendly, but too absorbed in themselves to notice us.


6) Mourning    

The journey takes its toll on the ones that can't handle the alien energies. We are mourning the departure of our friends who can't continue their journey with us.


7) Rest

We have to rest before we travel on. Going into a deep trance and connecting with the source.


8) Galactic Voice

8. The Galactic Voice urges us on.


9) Jungle

Crossing the jungle we move slowly listening to the sound for guidance.


10) Strange World

 Unexpectedly we come across another city, realizing what a strange world this is.


11) Lion Talk

In the dry planes we talk to the Lions and share the space and freedom.


12) Galactic Voice

The Galactic Voice is telling us that we near the end of this excursion.


13) Ocean Song

Diving to the depth of the ocean, listening to the ancient creatures we have learned a lot on our journey.


14) The Circle

Before we close the circle we reflect on our travel.


15) Galactic Voice

The Galactic Voice is adjusting our energies. We continue our never ending voyage on a new level.

Total Playing Time    56:55


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All rights reserved ©2003 Ela Gold

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