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Gifts for RelaxationGifts for Relaxation

Inexpensive relaxation gifts

Medium priced relaxation gifts

Lusciously priced relaxation gifts

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There are certainly a lot of gifts you can give to someone who needs relaxation. Of course often the nicest gifts are the ones that come from the heart and are free. Like giving your partner a nice massage, inviting someone for a beautiful home cooked meal, or sharing a movie.


Inexpensive relaxation gifts under $50 include

Music CD'sBath Spa items,  books , Candles icon, chocolates & Wine, Royal Body CareSerenity ZEN gift icon, nature sound machines or natural herbs


Medium priced gifts under $500 include:

Vouchers for massage treatments, other healing treatmentscourses to learn relaxation. Also a aromatherapy wishing well, meditation or yoga equipment or a night away from home.


Lusciously priced gifts over $500 include:

A holiday, Slender Elegance Spa retreat, Light and Sound (brainwave) machines or a Far Infrared Sauna

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Or choose a relaxation gift from Amazon:


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