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Meditation, Visualization etc

Spiritual Healing / Energy work

Crystals, Chakras etc

Personal Growth / Transformation


Meditation, Visualization etc

I Create Reality: Beyond Visualization
  How to Materialize Your Heart's Desires With Holographic Creation.

Meditation Expert
  Info on meditation training, spiritual progress and metaphysical phenomena.

Stress Relief Meditation
  Download a Stress Relief Meditation.

Astral Projection Ultimate Technique
  Quickly learn the secrets to start your own Astral Travel. You can be on your way to Astral Projection within 8 minutes.


Spiritual Healing / Energy work

  Energy Magic with Silvia Hartmann.

2001 - An Energy Odyssey
  A Comprehensive Review Of Meridian Energy Therapies 2001.

Spiritual Healing Tools
  Creative Support for Teaching and Self-Improvement.and its all about Spiritual Healing!

Past Forward: Past Life Healing
  The Biggest Site on Past Lives, Karma, & Reincarnation You Will Find in this Life!

Spiritual Healing Tools
  Creative Support for Teaching and Self-Improvement.and its all about Spiritual Healing!

Tap Into Heaven
  Resource Center for Energy Psychology.

Medicine, Meaning and Prayer with Larry Dossey, M.D Dossey presents and evaluates the evidence regarding prayer, which recent laboratory tests have shown to have an impressive influence on healing. “We should look at meaning as seriously as we look at cholesterol level or blood pressure,” says Dossey as he explains a revolutionary concept in medicine. He envisions the medicine of the future including compassion and emotional involvement on the part of physicians, and meaning-full awareness and action on the part of patients

Healing with Spirit with Caroline Myss a pioneer in the field of energetic medicine who is able to diagnose illness by intuitive means. She explains how past traumas, grudges and illusions literally steal vital energy from our body tissues: "We are actively participating in the health of every single one of our cell tissues by the thought-forms that we hold in our head." Myss presents bold insights about why we are afraid of becoming healthy, and how we can overcome these fears and enter a new planetary era of maturity and empowerment.

Angels among us with Doreen Virtue How would you like to manifest what you want and receive grounded advise in every aspect of your life by consciously communicating with angels? Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. reveals how clarity and healing can take place in many forms with "angel therapy." She is a fourth-generation metaphysician who blends metaphysical, psychological, and spiritual principles into her counseling practice and writing.

Crystals, Chakras etc

  Spirituality for the New Age.

The Chakras Of Tantric Yoga
  Health, Well Being, Stress Relief and Spiritual Development can be yours by using this very comprehensive yoga program.


Personal Growth / Transformation

Self Improvement: The Top 101 Experts
  This ebook is best described as an Encyclopedia of Self Improvement with information on 101 of the top Experts in the industry.

Become Real
  Gain psychological spiritual emotional and mental health

Messages To Awaken YourSelf
  Inspiritual/Self Help messages to enliven your spirit and mind toward greater peace, fortitude and joy in your life

Transform Your Life!
  motivational, self help.

How To Know Your Higher Self In 7 Steps
  New Age & Personal Development Course.

 Self-Healing Expressions
  Holistic self-help, self-paced e-mail courses.

 Holistic Harmony Network
  We enable our members and guests to clarify their lives and goals and create health, harmony and happiness as well as growth.

 A Magical Life
  In need of spiritual guidance? Then learn Wicca, spells and magic to change your life. Big demand, converts approx 1 in 30.

 E-Books Based On Qur'Aanic Studies
  EBooks based on in-depth Qur'aanic Studies.

  Spiritual, New Age empowerment, with the eloquence of Zen wisdom and spiritual simplicity, spirit is who you are naturally, spir.

 Reclaiming Your Authentic Self
  How to Find and Heal your Authentic Self-Introducing a Major Advancement in Bringing Healing & Happiness into your Life!

 Empathology - A Journey To Self.
  Empathology directs a person on a path of self-discovery. This process takes people directly to their core REAL Self.

The Journey To Profound Happiness
  This course teaches you how to tap into your own amazing healing power: in simple and easy steps.

FaithBuilders - Family Ministry Resource
  Discussion starters for families seeking to nurture the faith development of their kids.

EarthBow eBooks
  EarthBow eBooks specializes in publishing books about Native American Indian Myths, Legends, and Folklore.

Explore The Torah
  Study the first five books of the Bible with a simple, directed, self-study program.

Change Your thoughts, Change Your Life with Louise Hay A pioneer in understand the connection between emotions and illness, renowned metaphysical lecturer and teacher, Louise L. Hay says, "The more that people learn how to channel and control their thinking and see the difference it makes in their lives, the more that they'll want to do so."


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