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Earth Cinema Circle

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Groove with the Gods


Groove with the Gods by Ela  

Gentle groove / trance will put you in touch with the source. Chill out, relax, enjoy and remember what life is really all about: Compassion, Love & Happiness!

Limited Edition Hemp plastic CD Tray and Hemp Paper insert






Gifts From The Gods  by Ela

The depth and clarity of 'the Voice' will take you on an inner journey to sacred places and secret worlds right into the heart of the Far Countries. It will quench your thirst for peace leaving an aura of mysticism in the air.

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I Am Calling You

Relaxation flute digeridoo music cassette

by Marek 

A compilation of original music played with various bamboo flutes of Fluteman's own making and design. All compositions are written and performed by Marek.

Relaxing Shakuhachi and other Flute music with some Didgeridoo.




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